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F1 Malaysia Meal – Finished!


Sunday was the Malaysian Grand Prix. Rain threatened, things were falling off of cars, people were ruining Kimi’s race, Bernie Ecclestone apparently misses when he could get it up, Sherlock showed up and did some interviews. An exciting race weekend again filled with unexpected happenings!

Before we begin a note on some inaccuracies that were beyond our control.

1. The Beer. There are a few different available brands of beer that are bottled in Malaysia. All of our research (including actually contacting people that have been, not just an internet search) indicated that there is no exported National Beer. Darn! Our theme is hurting after the second race. We selected Tiger because it IS bottled in Malaysia and it is supposed to be one of the most popular. Other bottled in Malaysia options were (apparently) Hoegarden and Carlsberg.

2. The themed article of clothing. Actually Batik from Indonesia. It is as close as we could get. I will try to do  better next time. On a related note, the stands were EMPTY perhaps we should go to this race instead of Austin, TX. The finances may work out the same in the long run.

And a highlight:

Though we didn’t have to order any meat through the mail this week as we did for Australia, the Tamarind for the Malaysian Curry Paste was not the easiest thing to find. I went to a few different stores including an Asian grocery and was just about to give up and use the tamarind paste that I had ordered as a back up plan, and I found it at THE CLOSEST GROCERY STORE TO MY HOUSE! This was some serious the Alchemist type questing I did. Perhaps I finally had the knowledge and purity of heart to find the fresh tamarind. Technically, it is of Caribbean origin so this may actually also be a limitation – I am sure this is getting to detailed. On to the food!

We were mobile again this week. A few things were made on Friday night just because we were not going to be home Sunday AM. Friday items:

1. Curry Paste (in the plastic container)

2. Dipping Sauce (in the glass container)

3. Chicken in Marinade (plastic bags)

4. Remembered to buy skewers!


Here is the ingredients, some of the pre-made items (the Friday list plus the roti batter), my knitting, the Indonesian scarf, all other ingredients and some cookware all in a handy travelling laundry hamper for easy deployment.




The menu recap: 



Full outline of all the recipes I chose may be found at the previous post here.

Quick links are here:

Malaysian Rotis 

Actually made the rotis with special roti flour, not all purpose as the recipe suggests though I did use 2 cups of it.

Malaysian Vegetable Curry made with this Curry Paste

Chicken Satay Day Night Fever (and dipping sauce) from the Looney Spoons Collection


In the interest of time I made the following ahead of time:

– chicken in the marinade

– dipping sauce all ingredients together, just had to put them in a sauce pan and combine them day of

– curry paste

– roti dough (allows the gluten to break down better for easier rolling and makes them taste better)



1. Open Tiger Beer. Take sip.

2. Put roti dough down on oiled counter so that it can rest as long as possible. The recipe says leave it over night… it was getting 4 hours max (oops!)



I put the bowl on top to keep the dough moist and there is a roaming cat at this house.

4. Put all the ingredients for the dipping sauce into a pot. Gently heated to combine. Stir with fork. As soon as the ingredients were all incorporated, just took it off the stove and let it sit.



5. Got the marinated chicken onto skewers in prep for Satay.





Noticing that our host has porsche design knives. What a race fan! Though not specifically F1 involved… though we all concluded they should be.


6. Get the veggie curry going.


7. Add rest of curry ingredients now that the veggies are all chopped. The put on a slow simmer. I believe this is where I put the chicken satay into a 400 degree (C) oven.


8. We will make the put the chicken satay in the oven at 400 here.

9. Now the Rotis


Roll Out the Dough.



Fold over the dough.


Fold it again.


Its ready for cooking.


Put it into a hot non-stick pan.


As soon as it starts to bubble a little bit you can flip it over like a pancake.

Then we took the chicken out of the oven, put the dipping sauce into the fancy dipping sauce bowls and we were ready to eat and sweat, that curry paste was hot!

Next up, Bahrain!

I have some loose menu ideas from when I initially brainstormed and posted here.

Anyone got any drinks suggestions? Obviously Rose Water? but otherwise are we going bootlegged moonshine? Or shall we say that our hosts house is a hotel where westerners may purchase alcohol? What is popular?


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  1. This is a lovely way to enjoy the GP calendar.

  2. Thanks! Glad you enjoyed it!

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